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Mum Who Thought She Would Never Have Kids Is ‘Blessed’ With Miracle IVF Baby – Making Her The FIFTH Generation Of The Family

A mum who thought she would never have kids has been “blessed” with a miracle IVF baby – making her the FIFTH generation of the family.

Hollie Tomlinson, 26, had always dreamed of having her own children after coming from a large family where she was one of six siblings.

But her chances were reduced after being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which reduces fertility in women.

It is thought that one in every five women in the UK suffers from the condition.

After trying for three-and-a-half years with her husband, Christian, for a baby, the child practitioner thought it would never happen.

Hollie was referred to an IVF clinic and after one round of treatment on the NHS went for a pregnancy test in hospital on December 18 last year, and discovered she was pregnant.

Tiny Ellia Tomlinson became the youngest member of the five-generation family when she was born on July 15, weighing 5lb 1oz.

Hollie, of Grimsby, Lincs., said: “She is certainly a miracle, I didn’t think I’d ever have a child.

“We had been trying for three and half years, we started trying to before we got married.

“After a year of trying and not being pregnant, I thought something was wrong so I went to see a doctor.”

Hollie was diagnosed with PCOS and granted IVF treatment, however, she later learned that her eggs were not growing in the incubator and her hopes were crushed.

But doctors then rang her just days later to say they had grown and there was a chance of conception.

She said: “All my friends were falling pregnant and it wasn’t happening for me. I was referred to a hospital in Leeds and it worked in the first round of IVF.

“I didn’t think we’d ever have a baby. I got put on different medication, I was having my eggs collected.

“I got a bit upset when they said they hadn’t grown, but two days later they rang me up and said ‘your eggs have grown and we can take them’.

“I often got upset over it. I’m one of six siblings so I felt like if it wasn’t happening naturally, it was never going to happen for me.”

Ellia Tomlinson was welcomed in the world by her family including mum Hollie, grandad Richard Stocks, 48, great-grandmother Susan Stocks, 74, and great-great-grandmother Eileen Petchey, 97.

Besotted Hollie said: “She’s doing well, she’s putting weight on, she’s up to 7lb 8oz and is keeping me up at night”

“It’s surreal, I have been with my partner for seven years and we had our house how we like it. Now, every room has a bit of her in it.

“My great-grandma is so please she got to meet her. Being 97 is a great age, I’m really happy that she’s still here to see me have my own child.

“She’s seen me grow up and now she has seen me have a child of my own.

“She’s smitten with Ellie and she sees a lot of her.”

Hollie went for a pregnancy test on December 18 but she kept it from her parents until she surprised them with a Christmas card that was addressed to Nana and granddad.

Hollie said: “I put a picture of the embryo and the test in the card and wrote ‘I’ll see you in nine months.

“But she didn’t let us wait nine months, she came six weeks early.”

The couple kept the baby’s sex a surprise until she was born.

Hollie added: “We’ve waited all this time for a baby and I wanted Christian to tell me the sex when it came.

“I think we both secretly wanted to have a little girl, so we were both just so chuffed.”

Hollie’s husband Christian, 47, said: “I never thought I would have children, it didn’t even enter my head until I met Hollie.

“I found the right person to have a family with an Ellia is just perfect, we love her so much.”




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