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Nearly A Doner! : A Hungry Little Pug Skewered Itself After Swallowing – 8in KEBAB Stick

A hungry little pug skewered itself after swallowing – an 8in KEBAB stick.

Monty’s owners have dubbed it “most expensive kebab ever” after they were forced to pay for a £6,000 op to remove it.

The stick had pierced his diaphragm and lungs and owner Sharon Perry, 61, only noticed when he couldn’t bend, sit down and was even falling asleep standing up.

(Sharon Vanderhook/SWNS)

Sharon, from Bexleyheath, Kent, said: “Talk about the most expensive kebab ever.

“He must have gobbled it when my back was turn on a walk.

“How he managed to swallow it whole I just don’t know.

“I knew something was wrong when he wasn’t eating.

“He’s usually a gannet – a real greedy pug.

(Sharon Vanderhook/SWNS)

“That evening I was putting my feet up to watch the TV and he wouldn’t sit down.

“I went over to him to try and make his bum sit to the floor but he wasn’t having it.

“I was saying ‘sit, sit!’ and I just thought he was in a strop ignoring me.

“Then he started falling asleep standing up which wasn’t like him.

“I told my husband Monty was being a bit off so we decided to take him round the vets the next morning.

“It was only when he had the CT scan that it showed up as the other tests didn’t show wood.

“When the vet told me they had to keep him in because there was a kebab stick inside of him I was just in plain shock.

(Sharon Vanderhook/SWNS)

“I had a phone call that evening saying the operation had happened but ‘it was still touch and go’. That was me gone.

“I was absolutely hysterical. I was on the floor crying and whaling. I thought I was going to lose my baby.

“But he made it through.”

Mum-of-three Sharon thinks he ate it when her back was turned during an evening walk.

She rushed him to the vets the next morning for inconclusive blood tests and X-rays.

Experts at North Downs Specialist Referrals did a CT scan, which showed a kebab stick was in his stomach, pierced through his abdomen and diaphragm, into his chest and sticking out between his ribs.

A two-hour op was performed and Monty was left with 20 stitches, and had a three-day stay at the vets.

“I stupidly didn’t have insurance but it wouldn’t have covered him anyway because they would say he inflicted it on himself,” she said,

“There’s no way the insurance will touch him now with his track record.

“The staff were superb. I can’t thank them enough for saving his life.”

(Sharon Vanderhook/SWNS)

(Sharon Vanderhook/SWNS)

Sharon wants to warn fellow dog owners.

“I now see kebab stick everywhere when I go out on walks,” she said.

“People must just be munching on a chicken satay and throwing the sticks on the floor without a second thought.

“But I’m just so thankful he’s OK. He’s my baby.”

A spokesman for North Downs Specialist Referrals said: “It could have been fatal, depending on where the stick got lodged and the infection that could have been caused by it.

“People disposing of kebab sticks after an alfresco BBQ need to ensure they are in a secure bin, and we would urge dog owners to keep a close eye on anything their dog may be chewing.”



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