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OAP Went To Aid Of 90-Year-Old Sister Who Suffered A Nasty Fall – Only To Be Slapped With A Parking Fine

A pensioner went to the aid of his 90-year-old sister who suffered a nasty fall – only to be slapped with a parking fine.

Adding insult to injury Tony Richardson, 84, was shocked to discover that his appeal against the £70 fine was rejected and DOUBLED after a six month process.

The coach driver, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, was parked in an Asda car park when his disabled sister, June Avis, suffered a fall.

He rushed outside the car to help June – who was left ‘shaken up’, before carrying her to the supermarket for a sit down.

On his return, Tony discovered a parking officer writing him up a ticket for £70 – something the warden refused to waiver.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it – the car had only been there for five minutes while I helped June, all of my attention was on her and I didn’t get a chance to display her blue badge.”

Tony said he forgot to display his sister’s disabled badge, as he only displays it once a week when he takes her out shopping.

He said: “I haven’t done anything wrong and it was an emergency situation – I’d been too busy sorting her out, it’s the last thing I was thinking of.

“The parking man said don’t worry about it, he said it was too late, if you write an appeal it will be fine.”

Tony gathered all the information about the case and wrote to appeal against his ticket – but didn’t hear anything for six months.

During that time, the grandfather wrote emails and made calls to parking company ParkingEye and did not hear a thing.

Tony Richardson, 85, and his sister June Avis, 90, in Crumbles Asda car park in Eastbourne, East Sussex, where they were given a parking ticket

After six months of silence, Tony received a notice that his fine had doubled to £140 and his appeal was rejected.

He said: “I couldn’t even get in touch with them and I tried several times – it was clear the company were just trying to make some money.

“They said they haven’t received any of it, they definitely have everything they wanted – I think all the work I have done for charity over the years, and then I get this.

“I don’t deserve it, I think it’s disgusting behaviour and my friends agree – they definitely have a lot to answer for.”

The fine was only dropped after ParkingEye was approached for comment – something that ‘delighted’ Tony.

He added: “I could afford it, but with things like this it’s the principle, it wasn’t right.”

A ParkingEye spokesperson said: “We have cancelled this charge as a gesture of goodwill.

“We encourage people to appeal a parking charge if they think there are mitigating circumstances.”



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