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HealthOne In Four Of Britain’s Hayfever Sufferers ‘Dreading’ The Warmer Months To Come

One In Four Of Britain’s Hayfever Sufferers ‘Dreading’ The Warmer Months To Come

One in four of Britain’s 18 million hayfever sufferers is ‘dreading’ the warmer months, it has emerged.

Experts have already warned grass pollen levels are set to build up steadily during 2017, meaning a summer of sniffles and streaming eyes looms for those who suffer from the condition.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study also found typically sufferers who work for a living take an average of 1.8 days off each year due to their reaction to the pollen allergy.

Furthermore the typical hayfever victim will be forced to stay indoors on 14 occasions this summer to avoid being affected by a high pollen count.

Ecotherapist Beth Collier said: ‘’No matter where you live or what you have on your doorstep, you should be able to find spaces where you can reconnect with your natural environment.

“Whether that’s a favourite tree or a small city park, just stopping to listen to the sounds around you and observe nature at work can bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to your life.

“We often see people afraid of nature through concerns, or just unfamiliarity. Reconnecting can help establish a sense of balance that many of us have lost due to increasingly busy and urban lifestyles.”

The research which was carried out among 1,200 adults also found more than half of sufferers struggle to get a good night’s sleep as the mercury rises and the pollen count increases.

And that leads to another 54 per cent admitting they ‘cannot face the day’.

An inability to concentrate on arriving at work is also a major problem for 51 per cent, while 54 said their working day was more stressful if they were fighting a bout of hayfever.

Incredibly more than one in ten said they felt having hayfever had held them back in their career.

After leaving work, seven in 10 do their best to stay indoors while their friends and family are out enjoying themselves, to avoid the debilitating symptoms.

To highlight the difficulties faced by those with hayfever, Piri sent the Burgess family – who are all allergy sufferers – to enjoy outdoor experiences and learn to manage their condition.

Colette and Dave Burgess, both 37, from, are away with their children Ben 7, Chloe 5 and Amy 3 for some natural experience as part of Piri’s Outdoor Pursuits.

You can follow their experiences at which hosts updates from the family as they embrace the outdoors whilst managing any allergies that may occur.

The site also includes information about ecotherapy, wild living tips and advice to help the whole family enjoy the great outdoors.



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