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AnimalsHealthMust ReadOverweight Cocker Spaniel Going On A Diet After Getting Hooked On Sweet Tea

Overweight Cocker Spaniel Going On A Diet After Getting Hooked On Sweet Tea

An overweight dog which weighs the same as an eight-year-old child is going on a strict diet – after getting hooked on sweet TEA.

Six-year-old Teddy piled on the pounds after getting into the habit of drinking two cuppas a day.

The Cocker Spaniel also wolfed down chicken dinners and feasted on minced beef prepared by his devoted owner Ian Leese.

He started munching down more and more food after being put on steroids to treat an ear infection.

But PDSA vets became concerned when Teddy tipped the scales at four stone – almost twice the average weight for a dog his age.

Teddy has now been put on a strict diet plan in a bid to get down to a healthier weight.

Ian, 62, from Stoke-on-Trent, said: “The medication for his skin does make him hungrier but we know it’s important not to overfeed him.

“The vets suggested stopping his cups of tea but we feel we can’t do that as he loves it so much we can’t resist.

“We now use skimmed milk instead of semi-skimmed and cut out the sugar to reduce the extra calories.

“He does have some dog biscuits and he’ll also eat fish, pretty much anything really but we’ve switched his dry food biscuits for ones that are healthier and we’ve cut his food portions right down.

“Teddy had chicken breast with vegetables including sweetcorn and carrots and he also had minced beef with vegetables but now we’re more careful about how much he gets, and the vet recommended some appropriate food for him.

“PDSA vets have been great and they’re helping us get Teddy back in shape.”

Ian has entered Teddy into PDSA’s Pet Fit Club competition, a six month diet and exercise challenge.

The vet charity is appealing for the UK’s fattest pets to enrol in the contest.
It comes as statistics reveal up to half of the UK pets are overweight.



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