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Tiny Baby Born So Prematurely He Was Wrapped In A Plastic Bag

A mum has shown off her thriving “little fighter” after he was born so prematurely he had to be placed in a plastic BAG.

Christina Hahn, 27, gave birth to tiny Markcus Cropper Jnr. weighing just 1lb 10.1oz when she was just 23 weeks and six days pregnant

The 7.8″-long infant was so small in fact he had to be transported to an incubator in a plastic sack – which is about the same size a pencil case.

But mum-of-one Christina this week posted a comparison photo of little Markcus, now five months old, weighing a healthier 12lbs.

Christina and the tot’s father Markcus Snr, 20, were overwhelmed during their 81-day stay at the hospital unit and the dedication of nurses and doctors.

Baby Markcus Cropper Jnr, with mum Christina Hahn.

Christina, of Chincoeeague Island, Virginia, said: “It was so so scary giving birth and then asking ‘is he dead?’ He was just so so small.

“At lots of points we both thought that we would lose him and he pulled through – it was a miracle.”

Markcus had been due on November 13 last year – but unfortunately Christina’s waters broke at 23 weeks.

She was then given drugs to stop her going into labour and hold onto 24 weeks so she could fully admitted to her local hospital to give birth.

However, as she was sent home she got a call telling her that she had a spot at a hospital in Norsolk – a two hour drive away.

Baby Markcus Cropper Jnr.

Christina, a retail worker, said she was told by neonatal teams that there was a good chance her newborn would not survive.

Describing the moment she gave birth, Christina said: “The first thing I said ‘is he alive?’ because it was so scary.

“It was weird seeing him in the bag – but it kept him from getting hypothermia.

“That was only a short time until he was put in an incubator cot.

“Markcus then needed lots of steroid shots for his lungs to work properly because they were so under developed.”

Baby Markcus Cropper Jnr with dad Markcus Snr.

Baby Markcus Cropper Jnr. weighing just 1lb 10.1oz.

Markcus was born at Children’s Hospital of The Kings Daughter, Norsolk, Virginia, on July 23, 2017.

The two hour drive meant the new parents had to stay at the McDonald’s Ronald charity centre for and were at the hospital visiting Markcus for 12 hours-a-day every day for 81 days.

Speaking about her nightmare pregnancy, she said: “My water broke early and she said I can’t admit you until you are 24 weeks and sent me home.

“They called me up and said there is a hospital that can help me from 22 weeks and the babies usually survive – so that was great.

Baby Markcus Cropper Jnr, with mum Christina Hahn and dad Markcus Snr.

Baby Markcus Cropper Jnr, with mum Christina Hahn and dad Markcus Snr.

“I don’t think he would have survived if I would have waited another day – so we had to do the two hour journey to the hospital.

“Two days before I gave birth the neonatal team told due to the age of gestation it was only 50 per cent survival rates outside the womb for Markus.”

But the pint-sized fighter is now blossoming with life and Christina’s comparison pictures have been shared and liked by thousands of other young mums.

A lot of premature – or ‘premie’ – babies as Christina likes to call them – is fortunate that Markcus has no other ailments following his early entry into the world.

However, doctors say Markcus is really healthy apart from a potential hearing problem in his right ear.

Christina said: “We are so lucky, a lot of other parents have the heartbreak of going through a lot of other operations with heart defects and things.

“Markcus is adorable, I am so proud of him – he’s my little fighter.”




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