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Tear-Jerking Moment Bride Who Can’t Walk Enjoyed “Magical” First Dance On Her Wedding Day – After She Took Wheelchair Dancing Lessons

This is the tear-jerking moment a bride who can’t walk enjoyed a “magical” first dance on her wedding day – after she took wheelchair dancing lessons.

Kirsty Capella, 28, was born with a damaged spine and suffers from MS and uses a wheelchair to get around.

When school sweetheart Adam, 29, proposed she was delighted – but worried about how she’d cope with their first dance.

But she joined a dance club for wheelchair users five weeks before the big day, and wowed her guests with a perfect routine to Perfect, by Ed Sheeran.

Video grab of the incredible moment that Kirsty Capella,28, who was born with a damaged spine and is wheelchair bound, had her first dance with husband Adam,29, after learning to dance with her dance group

Kirsty, from Birmingham, said: “I have always been worried about the first dance.

“I had no clue how to dance in a wheelchair.

“I have only ever pushed it forwards and backwards

“It is every girl’s dream, to have a first dance.

“I had thought about not having one all together because I was scared of looking silly.

“If I hadn’t joined the group then I wouldn’t have had a dance and I’d have regretted it.

“I was proud of myself and really relieved. Everyone loved the dance and people were cheering.

“I felt like no one else was in the room.

“It was magical and was something that I had dreamed about.”

Kirsty’s spine was damaged during birth and she was diagnosed with MS a few years ago.

Adam proposed to Kirsty after six years of dating, in 2012.

She joined Freewheelin Dance, a club for wheelchair users in April, five weeks before she married security engineer Adam, on May 27.

Teachers gave Kirsty a crash course on how to use her wheelchair to dance and taught her some moves.

Adam went along to each of the classes and watched on from the sidelines before rehearsing with Kirsty at home.

After just a few weeks of classes, Kirsty felt confidence enough to perform a series of spins and twists whilst locking hands with Adam.

Kirsty said: “I thought about joining the group for a few weeks but was always too scared.

“When I eventually did go along I was very nervous.

“But everyone is so lovely and I have never looked back.

“I was learning how to do the routines, spin the wheelchair round and use the chair to dance.

“It taught me how to take control of the chair. I learned how to do things that I never even thought about.”

Kirsty, who lives in a specially adapted bungalow, said Adam has always loved her for who is she is and has “never let the wheelchair bother him”.

She said: “When I was born the top of my spine was crushed. I have never been able to walk unaided.

“With the MS I can’t walk at all now. It’s not nice being in a wheelchair growing up and some people weren’t too kind.

“But Adam has been fantastic. He has always been there for me and helps me with everything.

“The wheelchair doesn’t bother him at all and he looks after me well. He’s a very loving person.”

Freewheelin Dance meet every Friday for classes at the Weoley Castle, Birmingham.

Kirsty still attends the weekly sessions and says the “fantastic” group have given her a new lease of life.

Kirsty said: “The club are really fantastic. They help to get rid of a stigma attached to people that people in a wheelchair can’t do what other people can do.

“I have proved that I can dance, and I never thought I could.

“It has helped people like me build confidence. I have done so much that I never thought I’d be able to do.”



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