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Must ReadVideosRevellers Who Thought Cop Was About To Shut Down Gig Stunned When He Starts Playing Violin

Revellers Who Thought Cop Was About To Shut Down Gig Stunned When He Starts Playing Violin

Revellers who thought a stern cop was about to shut down their concert were stunned when he picked up a band member’s violin – and started playing.

PC Jonathan Landis, 42, wowed diners at Champs Sports Bar and Grill with a few tunes before returning to his regular beat.

Viral footage shows the talented officer, who has been playing violin since the age of three, effortlessly drawing the bow as the audience claps and cheers.

The talented officer used to work as a professional musician and teacher before changing career and joining City of Lake Geneva Police Department.

PC Jonathan Landis playing violin

Hot air balloon pilot John Trione, 53, caught his impromptu performance at the bar in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on camera.

He said: “I was watching the band and I saw this police officer walk through the back gate. I thought he was going to shut it all down.

“He stood there with his arms folded and wasn’t really smiling. I thought they might have had a noise complaint or something.

“The band stopped playing and took a break and I saw him walking towards the violinist and I thought, ‘Oh boy, here we go.’

PC Jonathan Landis at high school

“But he took the instrument and just started playing.

“It was amazing. was really impressed by how good he was. This wasn’t a guy who just tried to hammer out a couple of tunes.

“It was a real shock – completely unexpected. The whole place went off.”

Part-time PC Jonathan Landis said when he heard the music on a Sunday afternoon last month he couldn’t resist investigating where it was coming from.

PC Jonathan Landis playing violin at friend’s wedding in 2014.

The dad-of-four said: “Before I worked in law enforcement I was a musician.

“That day I was on foot patrol when I heard somebody playing the violin and I had to check it out.

“Everybody was staring at me thinking, ‘What is this cop doing here? Is he in trouble?’

“I shook the violinist’s hand. I have met him before and he knows I play, so he handed me the fiddle.

“I was put on the spot and it wasn’t like I had chance to let my chief know.

“I played a few tunes and it was great. I love playing.

“Law enforcement and music are my two passions. It was my way of giving back to the community – it was like a dream come true.”



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