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Autistic ‘First Dates’ TV Star Who Wooed Viewers Said The Appearance Gave Him The Confidence To Date Off Camera

A First Dates star who had viewers swooning and proposing after a confession about autism has revealed he’s still on the hunt for a date – but is more confident than ever.

Ketan Aggarwal, 31, wooed TV viewers when he admitted he had autism and how difficult it made for him to find love.

Watchers instantly took to Twitter to declare their love for Ketan, with one even offering to marry him.

Autistic Ketan Aggarwal.

Ketan’s date Brodie didn’t feel as strongly – and the pair agreed they’d had a nice time, but didn’t fancy a second date.

But administrator Ketan, from Southall, London, said the show had given him more confidence than ever.

He confessed despite the tweet offers, he hasn’t had any “direct offers” of more dates, and was still on the hunt for a “lively, crazy” girlfriend.

Ketan said: “First Dates were absolutely amazing with me. They couldn’t have done enough to make sure that I was comfortable and happy.

“I think the only problem with the date was that I was too much and she maybe wasn’t enough.

“My next date I’d like to be with quite a crazy, lively girl. I’m not into small talk so we’d hopefully just get straight into proper chats.

“I’d chose not to do a dinner or drinks date too as it’s so formal. Maybe a ping pong date or bowling.

“I didn’t actually have any direct offers of a date after the show but the reaction on Twitter and social media has been amazing.

“It has given me so much confidence to just be myself and feels great to be raising awareness.

“People are so supportive and the response has been 99% positive, which feels brilliant.

“I hope that people with autism or the parents of kids with it can watch the show and think ‘maybe there is hope after all’.

“I’d like any girls out there to know that if they did see the show and are up for a date please get in touch!

“I don’t want anyone thinking I’m big headed now I’ve been on TV!”

Ketan went on a date with redhead Brodie and was delighted when she wasn’t bothered by his autism.

Viewers were equally impressed when he confessed he had left his bank card at home – but still paid for the meal after he remembered his number.

One viewer tweeted: “Ketan May I marry you please? #FirstDates”

Another added: “My heart is melting. Ketan❤ #FirstDates”



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