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Disgruntled Woman Puts Her “House-Trained And “Toilet-Trained” Husband Up For Sale On Facebook

A disgruntled woman put her husband up for sale on Facebook – only to find him delighted when hundreds of women offered to take him in.

Teresa Turner, 34, advertised her husband Rob for free to anyone who’d take him, advertising him as “house trained and toilet-trained”.

She signed off an inviting Facebook post as “First to collect!” but never imagined the response she’d get.

Within hours the jokey post had more than 300 reactions – much to 33-year-old Rob’s amusement.

He even replied to it, saying: “Brilliant. Do I get my tea cooked too?”

Teresa, a hospital supervisor, decided to flog her husband of four years, after he repeatedly played her an “annoying and aggravating” video.

She has misophonia, which means that she hates specific sounds, such as that of people eating loudly.

The advert posted by Teresa Turner regarding her husband Rob Turner.

Professional carpet cleaner and insurance salesman Rob said: “I just found this video of a person crunching really loudly, and she told me to stop playing it.

“I just played it to her over and over again, so she went upstairs and then I just saw this notification on Facebook saying I was for sale or something.”

He was amused to read Teresa’s post, which read said: “I have a 33 year old husband that is no longer needed due to getting on my nerves!

“I don’t want no money he is FREE. He is house-trained and toilet-trained. First to collect!”

Teresa, of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, confessed that Rob also has several other annoying habits which include leaving smelly socks around the house and constantly teasing her.

He said: “She’s always telling me to do the washing up, cut the grass… she even cut up my football boots so that I wouldn’t play football.

“It was because I’d broken my leg twice though and I’m not supposed to run, so it was from a good place, really.”

But many women responded to the Facebook status, some asking if Rob could be dropped to the pub instead of being collected.

Teresa Turner with husband Rob Turner.

Other amused users confessed their attempts to sell their partners online too, saying: “I’ve tried giving mine away for free too, but no one wanted him.

“He cooks, cleans and can iron as well, but not one person took him away from me.”

Teresa was bemused that her husband received some interest though, with one user asking if Rob came with a 30 day return policy.

But a week after Teresa left the post last Saturday, Rob confessed: “No one’s come to the house to collect me.”

Teresa added: “My husband thought it was funny and still does. He’s got a great sense of humour, thankfully.

“It gave a lot of people something to laugh at and it brightened up their day. I’m happy that our silly sense of humour made others laugh.”

In spite of the bargaining banter on the “sell it in Kings Lynn!” Facebook page, the couple, who have a two-year-old daughter Bella, are happily married and recently celebrated their fourth anniversary with a romantic dinner.



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