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Loved-Up Couple Tied The Knot In The Place Where They Met – A Starbucks Coffee Shop

A loved-up couple has tied the knot in the place where they met — a Starbucks coffee shop.

Joanne Macdonald, 26, was working as a barista at the coffee chain when she met future husband Jonathan Craig, 37.

Romance quickly blossomed between the pair and within six months of dating Jonathan had popped the question.

Joanne Macdonald and her new husband Jonathan Craig decided to have their wedding in a Starbucks on Union Street in Aberdeen as this was the place that they had first met.

Joanne said yes – but they then debated where to hold the ceremony, and settled on the idea of tying the knot at the place where they met in 2016.

Midwife Joanne said: “We joked about it for ages.

“We did go and see quite a lot of other places.

“I thought we might contact Starbucks and see if they would do it.

“The district manager said she met her partner there, and she was totally up for it as well.

“It took a year-and-a-half to get ready for it and save up for the wedding.”

The coffee shop closed for an hour on September 8 and drapes were hung around the windows to stop would-be customers from looking in.

Joanne spent the day before the wedding painstakingly stringing coffee cups together for an unusual decoration.

She said: “I bought more than 100 cups and pierced through the bottom so they were hanging like fairy lights.

“The larger cups were quite heavy.

“We put drapes over the windows so it was quite private.

“We had a couple of staff members stand outside the door and let customers know.”

Guests watched as Joanne walked down an aisle created in the middle of the coffee shop in Union Street, Aberdeen, to say ‘I do’.

The couple, who have been together for two-and-a-half years, opted for a humanist ceremony.

And when it was over guests were treated to a hot drink of their choice and snacks provided by Starbucks including brownies.

Joanne said: “Every person I told thought it was a joke.

“They waited for me to tell them the real place.

“I’m a midwife and lots of my patients were asking when I was getting married.

“I said ‘we are getting married in Starbucks’.”

Google Street View of teh Startbucks on Union Street in Aberdeen.

She recalled: “When I first met Jonathan, we chatted and he told me he didn’t think he wanted to get married.

“Then we got to know each other and in six months he proposed.”

They had to pay Starbucks for loss of earnings as the cafe was closed but paid around £400 to hire the venue.

Former colleagues who worked with Joanne were among the 98 guests.

The couple then jetted off to LA for their honeymoon.



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