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Pensioner Weds Woman He Met On Holiday Despite A 36 Year Age Gap – But Insists Their Sex Life Is “Absolutely Amazing”

A British pensioner has married a woman he met on holiday despite a 36 year age gap — but insists their sex life is “absolutely amazing”.

Liam Woolnough, 65, was walking down the beach in Cuba on the last day of a two-week break when he locked eyes with glamorous Yaritza Buelga, 29.

They fell for each other when she invited him for lunch and the widower flew home vowing to return.

And despite being nearly a decade older than her DAD, Liam proposed to Yaritza just a few weeks later on his second trip to the paradise island.

The smitten pair tied the knot in December last year, and despite being more than DOUBLE her age, the retired photographer insists they make love twice a day.

The OAP can’t live in Cuba yet due to visa issues, but has visited her many times, and plans to move there full time in the coming months.

Loved-up Liam, from Coventry, said: “I don’t give the age gap any thought, even though I am old enough to be her dad.

“Age doesn’t matter. We are two people who love each other very much. The difference in age is irrelevant and is not important to us at all.

“We just want to be together all of the time and look after each other as husband and wife.

“When I see her, we have every sex every morning and evening and we never get tired.

“We regularly make love throughout the time that we spend together and it certainly has strengthened our relationship.

“Our relationship was so strong that we had sex eighteen times in two weeks during a trip in May 2018.

“I felt absolutely amazing and it is has brought us closer together. Yaritza loves it.”

Mental health doctor Yaritza from Camaguey added: “The difference in age is not important to me. Love is the most important thing to me, and I really love him.”

Liam, who doesn’t have any children, decided to look into moving to Cuba for his retirement following the death of his wife Beverley in 2010.

He booked a four-week trip in April 2017, but decided it “wasn’t for me” so bought an early flight home after two weeks.

But hours before his flight he spotted Yaritza walking on the beach with a friend.

He said: “I smiled and said ‘I do like the look of the younger woman very much’.

“She was very pretty and had a great figure.

“I never thought for one minute that it would be weird at all. We just clicked straight away.”

Yaritza added: “When I first met Liam I thought that he was about 50 years old.

“But after he told me he was 65 – more than the age of my dad – I honestly wasn’t that bothered and told him that I would always take care of him.

“I wanted to be his friend and said so. He seemed to be a good person and this gave made me feel confident in myself.”

After exchanging phone numbers, Liam flew home convinced he’d met the woman of his dreams.

The pair texted and emailed each other more than a dozen times a day, and less than a week after they parted, he had returned for another two-week break.

During the holiday he proposed by drawing a ring on her finger with a pen – and Yaritza instantly agreed.

Liam said: “I really wanted to be with her again.

“We share many interests. Family and friends are very important to us both and we talk about music and we both love films.

“Yaritza likes thrillers and scary movies and has to cuddle me all the time every time she chooses a horror because I freak out.

“We talk about clothes, shoes, and fashion, and when we are out we talk about the clothes and appearances of the people we see!

“We also both realise how important it is to be able to talk and understand each others’ languages and often teach each other words and sentences.

“We have a favourite bar where we drink a few cocktails and have a few tequila shots.

“We got on extremely well and it was becoming clear that we were made for each other.

“I didn’t buy an engagement ring so I drew an engagement ring on her finger – which she loved – and asked the question and she said yes and that was it really.

“I did buy her an engagement ring eventually as a pen one I found was a joke.”

Yaritza added: “When we met I was curious to know about his culture. His language was new to me.”

Liam came back to Cuba five times – for a total of around three months – before they wed in December last year.

Yaritza’s dad Lino is 56 – nine years younger than her new husband – but the pair said their families have no problems with their relationship.

Liam added: “She has talked to her parents and siblings about the age difference and it is not important to them, while my two older siblings have no issues at all with it and are really happy for me.”

He’s applying for the visas he needs to move to Cuba, where the couple want to buy a big house, and have a Labrador and pet fish.

Yaritza said: “Since I have met Liam, my life has been complete.

“Liam is amazing. He is very attractive and love him very much.

“Age is not important but the love we feel for each other is the most important thing.

“On my wedding day, I was the happiest woman in the world.

“It was my dream come true. I married the most wonderful man. He’s so loving and thoughtful.

“I wanted nothing more than to be his wife and to give all my love.

“I love and respect my husband, even though distance separates us, the distance makes our love stronger and more intense.”

Liam added: “She is the girl of my dreams.”



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