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WATCH – Baby Crying With Joy While Listening To One Love Concert Goes Viral After Ariana Grande Shares Clip

A baby girl filmed crying with joy as she sang along to the One Love concert in Manchester has gone viral – after it was shared by Ariana Grande.

Adorable 11-month-old Pixie Laidlaw was playing with her toys in the lounge of her home when she stopped as popstar Ariana started singing Over The Rainbow on TV.

The 23-year-old star performed the famous Wizard of Oz song on Sunday at One Love Manchester, a benefit concert she organised following the suicide bombing at her
concert at Manchester Arena on May 22.

Pixie can be seen tearing up as she becomes transfixed by the performance before repeatedly mouthing the word “rainbow”.

Mum Bryoney Lunt filmed her daughter’s reaction and posted the 45-second clip on Facebook.

(L-R) Bryoney Lunt, Pixie Laidlaw, and Tabitha Lunt (11).

Within days the video was viewed more than five million times after Ariana Grande spotted it and shared it on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Bryoney, 31, from Clayton, Staffs., said: “I’m not very good on social media because I’m quite a private person but I put the video on Facebook for my friends and family to see.

“Suddenly it was getting shared and liked loads of times. Someone suggested I put it on Twitter.

“I didn’t have a clue what I was doing because I had never used Twitter before but I managed to tag Ariana Grande in.

“I wanted her to see it because it’s something nice after the horrendous events in Manchester.

“She’s been really brave after everything that’s happened.

“It’s just been mental how many people have seen it now. There have now been 5.2 million views and there’s 52,000 comments. We’re all just gobsmacked.”

Bryoney, who is also mum to 11-year-old Tabitha and lives with fiancé Steve Laidlaw, added: “It was incredible to see how moved Pixie was by Ariana’s singing.

“She just kept looking at the screen and was getting really emotional.

“She can only say three words at the moment so I was really shocked when kept trying to say ‘rainbow’.

“She loves music and dancing and her sister is an Ariana Grande fan but I never expected her to react like that.

“With Manchester being so close everyone has been really affected.

Little Pixie Laidlaw has become an internet sensation after a video of her crying while listening to the One Love concert in Manchester was shared by Ariana Grande.

“I’m just glad my little Pixie has been able to put a smile on some people’s faces after all the dreadful events in Manchester and London.

“It will also be nice for Pixie to see it when she’s older, maybe we’ll even play it on her wedding day!”

Big sister Tabitha said she was “over the moon” when Ariana shared the video of Pixie.

She added: “I have been a big Ariana Grande fan for a really long time.

“It is great that she has shared the video because we have always known that my sister was amazing and now the whole world does too!

“I can tell everyone that I have a famous little sister.”



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