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WATCH: Seven-Year-Old Wows Beyonce’s Entourage With Incredible Rendition Of Her Hit Freedom

This seven-year-old has wowed Beyonce’s entourage after she recorded this incredible perfect rendition of the pop star’s hit Freedom.

Geneva Jordan only picked up her first set of drumsticks ten months ago but fell in love with the instrument and drums for hours every day.

The curly-haired cutie filmed her own version of Queen Bey’s song Freedom – to celebrate International Day of The Girl – and posted it on Instagram.

The incredible clip shows the sassy mini-musician drumming in perfect time wearing a super-cool pink leather jacket and oversized sunglasses.

And incredibly Beyonce’s drummer Venzella Joy William and co-songwriter Arrow Benjamin spotted the post and heaped praise on the talented schoolgirl.

This seven-year-old has wowed Beyonce’s entourage after she recorded this incredible rendition of the pop star’s hit Freedom.

Proud dad Eugene, 31, a writer from Luton, Beds., who’s been playing the drums since he was six, said: “She learned the song in two days.

“We showed her the video and she was really inspired by it and wanted to inspire other girls.

“She loves Beyonce massively.

“Geneva absolutely loves music. There isn’t a minute in the day goes by when we aren’t listening to something.

“We tag the artists in them, but you never really think these megastars are going to reach out and speak to a seven year old. It really encourages her.”

The song Freedom was released by Beyonce in her album Lemonade last year, but was last week used as part of a campaign by The Global Goals.

The Freedom For Girls video featured kids around the world dancing to the song and to mark this year’s International Day of The Girl.

Geneva posted her rendition on her electric drum kit on October 13 on her page @iamGenevaLondon.

Geneva Jordan with dad Eugene Jordan.

Venzella Joy Williams – Beyonce’s drummer on the son saw the cover and commented with a heat emoji.

Songwriter Arrow Benjamin wrote “Wow, this is so inspirational… Well Done” and co-writer Carla Marie Williams added: “amazing”.

The bright youngster said: “Girls are supposed to be powerful, not pushed down to a lower level.

“For example like me – I’m a girl drummer and not a lot of girls play drums and I have the freedom to play that and I have it in my heart to do it.

“All of you girls, no matter what people say, take the risk and keep trying and trying and you’ll get there. Don’t let other people put you down.”

The talented schoolgirl – whose music idol is Michael Jackson – took up the instrument to follow in the footsteps of her dad who plays at his local church.

She began by hitting drumsticks on pillows and chairs but got her own kit for her birthday ten months ago and now practises for an hour every day.

Geneva Jordan.

Geneva films a video a week from her bedroom of her covering her favourite song of the moment, and posts it to Instagram.

The clips have made turned her into an internet sensation – with musicians including MC Hammer and Stormzy sharing them with their millions of followers.

Geneva, who is home-schooled by mum Keysha, 32, has covered artists including Estelle, Stormzy and Lauryn Hill and also vlogs weekly.

She’s modelled for Morrison’s, Monsoon and Mothercare and dreams of starting a girl band, starring in movies and campaigning for human rights.



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