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Gran Inked From Head To Toe With Mourinho Tattoos Adds Huge Jeremy Kyle Inking To Her Back

A gran covered head to toe with Jose Mourinho tattoos has traded the football coach for a new man in her life – with a huge inking of TV host Jeremy Kyle.

Viv Bodycote – who has 37 images of Mourinho on her body – has added a massive tattoo of Kyle wrapping his arms around security guard Steve to her upper back.

The 61-year-old has watched Jezza’s show every day for 14 years, and said she wanted the inking of his face as a tribute to “friendship”.

The 6in wide grayscale design took six-and-a-half hours, and she has already shown it to her hero – who joked it looks like he “had wind”.

Viv Bodycote had 37 tattoos of Mourinho on her body before her latest inking

Former teaching assistant Viv said: “I absolutely love it.

“It’s the only one where I sat down for a straight without any food or drink.

“At the end of it my neck and back killed.

“But it was completely worth it.

“I got it because I think it says a lot about friendship.

“There’s no Jeremy without Steve.

“They have an incredible bond.

“Steve is there for Jezza and hopefully that shows in this tattoo.

“He’s a British show legend.

“He portrays himself out to be this arrogant man but there is a sensitive, kind nature to him otherwise he wouldn’t do that type of show.

“When I show it to people see it they just say ‘Wow’.

“It’s just a shame I had it done in the winter as I’d love to show it off all the time.

“I can’t wait to get it out in the summer.

“He’s got that precious look.”

The 61-year-old gran is covered in tattoos

Viv, from Earl Shilton, Leics, has spent the last three years covering herself with Mourinho-themed inks.

She has half a dozen tattoos of his face and the words “Mrs Jose Mourinho” on her chest.

Last year the gran-of-four dedicated her Valentine’s Day to Mourinho by getting a heart-shaped tattoo of him of her upper left arm.

But ever since the Portugese star, 55, was given the boot by bosses last December, Viv has had little to celebrate.

She has since “gone on strike” from watching the Premier League but still spends all day thinking about Mourinho and wears a ‘Mrs Muriniho’ pyjamas to bed, she said.

And she got the tattoo of the loud-mouth TV host in December – while she waits for Mourinho to get back into football.

Her inking is based on this heartwarming snap

She went on the show to show Jeremy, and in a video slip of the unveiling he told Viv: id: “That is amazing.

“How good is that work?

“I look like I’ve got wind again.

“Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

“I think you look fantastic and I appreciate you for being here.”

Viv said her and supportive husband Tony, 78, agree her latest inking is their favourite.

She said: “I can’t really get a tattoo of him looking down in the dumps.

“And who can blame him. He was treated awfully.

“I was absolutely devastated to hear he had gone.

“I just can’t watch them on the telly kicking the ball around as if they haven’t betrayed him.

“He was just tossed out just like that.

“I cancelled Christmas because of it. I was so down.”

The tattoo in full

Despite trading in the ex-Manchester United boss for Jezza, Viv vows to return to her “one true love” Muriniho for her next tattoo, once he returns to football.

She added: “I do like Jeremy and he is a good man but I don’t think I could top what I’ve got for Jose.

“Plus my heart does belong to Jose.

“He’s the ‘Special One’ so he’ll come back from it.

“He’s the best manager in the world.

“I have a feeling he’ll be heading to Real Madrid or Chelsea.

“And when he does I’ll be getting a tattoo of his return.”




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