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HealthMust ReadDJ Launches Legal Action After Being Told He Can’t Play At Major Festival Because His Cancer Could ‘Get In The Way.’

DJ Launches Legal Action After Being Told He Can’t Play At Major Festival Because His Cancer Could ‘Get In The Way.’

A DJ has launched legal action claiming he was told he couldn’t play at a major festival because his CANCER could ‘get in the way’.

Dan Cave is well known in his local area for spinning records and has built up a following over his 20 year long career.

He has played countless festivals in the South West, and off the back of his success he applied to play a major festival.

But Dan, a cancer sufferer from Falmouth, Cornwall, was shocked when he was rejected because of his illness – as the organisers thought it could “get in the way of the performance”.

He said: “I was really hoping to play it. I saw an application on the internet and applied to DJ on the Saturday night.

“I got a response last week saying, ‘sorry, your cancer could get in the way of your performance’.

“I could not believe it – I was really shocked. It’s discrimination. It’s like saying you can’t play because you’re black.”

Dan, who is a carpet fitter by day and DJ by night, is not naming the festival as legal action is pending.

He added: “All my friends are saying ‘name and shame’ and I really want to, but I was approached by a solicitor who saw my post about it on Facebook and said they’d take my case on free of charge.

“I’m not interested in making any money out of a court case – I just want them shamed in the courts.

“If they go out of business, even better. This sort of thing should not be allowed.”

Dan, 43, was diagnosed five years ago and given the all clear at the beginning of 2017. However, the cancer returned last October.

He has started chemo and says the cancer is treatable but there is “no guarantee”.

His DJ work helps him cope with the disease.

“It’s my escape. Music is a very big part of my life. I started off as a drummer in bands for years then started working as stage crew for Pink Floyd and The Who.

“Then in the ’90s I got into DJing. I love it and it’s so amazing to make people happy.”

Dan has DJd at well-known dance events in Cornwall such as Frendzy, The Lizard Party and The Masked Ball but wanted the opportunity to play an even bigger festival.

He added: “It’s not right – what they said to me shouldn’t be allowed. Having cancer doesn’t affect how I DJ.”



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