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HealthHow Matrix Physiotherapy can help you live pain free

How Matrix Physiotherapy can help you live pain free

Matrix Physiotherapy Manchester is based on years of professional knowledge and experience working with elite athletes throughout football and UFC, as well as with the armed and emergency forces. We work to offer patients a personalized and quality experience that offers a high quality service, a great environment and the best results for patients.

The treatments offered are high-quality physiotherapy for all types of musculoskeletal injuries, as well as for orthopedic rehabilitation. Not only do we treat elite sportsmen, but we are also specialised in injuries in the workplace or during leisure time.

Matrix physiotherapists accurately diagnose the injuries of their patients and draw up a work plan to achieve optimal recovery. The primary objective of physiotherapy is to avoid pain in patients. For this reason, not only do they work on the rapid recovery of injuries, but also on the prevention strategies and maintenance exercises that must be carried out to ensure a quality of life on a physical level.

Their physiotherapists are constantly taking part in professional development and medical trainings, ensuring that Matrix remains at the forefront of the most innovative treatments.

Benefits of physiotherapy

Physical therapy prevents, identifies, corrects and relieves acute or prolonged movement dysfunction and its main objective is to mitigate pain, stabilize the lesion and prevent it from getting worse. After this, it focuses on the restoration of movement and to achieve the total recovery of the patient.

The benefits of physiotherapy are many and have been amply demonstrated. Among them, we highlight the relief of pain, the recovery of mobility and its preventive function, avoiding injuries.

You can also work flexibility and improve the basic functions of the body with a physiotherapy treatment. In this aspect, it is very beneficial for those who have undergone a major surgery, because it actively helps with their recovery.

Finally, we highlight that physiotherapy helps achieving excellent results when it comes to treating tendinitis, fibral tears, knee or meniscus ligaments, and even ankle sprains, so its not only convenient for elite athlete, but also for anyone who is suffering any kind of lesion or physical pain. 

What makes the difference in Matrix

Matrix Physio is one of the newest and fastest growing clinics in Manchester. As a result they got so many top google reviews, more than 225 coming from satisfied clients, because of their expertise, staff and facilities.

Matrix method to treat  injuries is functional and proactive, making the necessary evaluations on what the patient’s issues and needs are. This approach is due to numerous studies that have shown that our well-being is related to our eating habits, lifestyle and exercise.

Taking into account this global vision of the patient’s physical well-being, as healthcare professionals, Matrix clinic ́s mission is to guarantee that their patients achieve a better quality of life by working on these essential pillars for health, making them live pain free. 

Where to find them? 

Matrix physiotherapy  has 2 clinics in Manchester (United Kingdom) one in Spinningfields, a district in the centre of the city, and the other one in Heaton Moor  (Address: Elms Road, Heaton Moor SK44PJ) both offering the best physiotherapy treatments and high quality customer service to bring you back to your best health.  Book your appointment now here.



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