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HealthReasons to Turn to Professional Help with Your Mental Health Issues

Reasons to Turn to Professional Help with Your Mental Health Issues

Being human beings, we usually have foibles and idiosyncrasies which make us unique and different from each other. It usually seems that there is a fine line between people who have quirky traits of personality and those who are dealing with some sort of mental health disorder. In case you’re suffering from a mental health issue, you needn’t fret as you’re not alone. Around 1 in 5 adults in the US, which results to 90 million people, experience some kind of mental health disorder every year.

If you’re asking yourself whether or not you need mental help from a professional expert, chances are you already know the answer: you do. Don’t worry though. You have already identified that you need help. Congratulations. You’re already way ahead of most people. The next step is to actually find a mental health professional or an expert for proper care. is an online therapist directory where you can find licensed counselors near your residence or work. Other sites like Good Therapy also has a large list of licensed and verified professionals to choose from.

If you have not yet come to the conclusion that you need help, let’s check out a few reasons why you may seek expert help.

  1. You’re facing a tough time in coping with life in general

Perhaps you have noticed that you’re not able to function properly as you did in the past. There is also no explanation for reduced coping skills and while such mental health issues develop gradually, there are some others which may also have a fast onset. This is when you should seek help of a professional.

  1. You suffer from mood swings

There are a few psychiatric disorders which include mood fluctuations and the changes can sometimes be rapid in borderline personality disorder, which can occur over several weeks or days. Alcohol and drug use are a few factors which can contribute to such mood swings.

  1. You feel unnecessarily sad or hopeless

One of the red flags for depression is feeling sad and hopeless for no reason. Depression is one such mental health disorder which affects more than 350 million people all over the world. While few occasional feelings of sadness are part of normal life, it gets abnormal when it becomes chronic or long-lasting. Sleep disturbances, low feelings or hopelessness can only be diagnosed clinically by a professional.

  1. You’re thinking of committing suicide

Suicidal actions and thoughts are usually associated with major depression and various other disorders of the mood. In case you’re thinking of suicide, it is imperative that you get help from a professional as soon as possible. At the very least you should contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

If you’re someone who is not able to deal with your mental health woes on your own, you should seek professional help as soon as you can so that things don’t soar out of control.



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