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Must ReadRelationshipsOAP Who Was “Too Shy” To Give Former Colleague A Kiss After Chance Encounter Is Trying To Find Her – So He Can Right His wrongs!

OAP Who Was “Too Shy” To Give Former Colleague A Kiss After Chance Encounter Is Trying To Find Her – So He Can Right His wrongs!

A romantic OAP “too shy” to give an ex-colleague a kiss after a chance encounter at a bus stop is trying to find her – so he can right his wrongs and give her a peck.

Retired bus conductor Len Whiffin’s eyes lit up over summer when he recognised an old co-worker called May, who worked for the same company in the ’70s.

The sprightly pair, both 81-years-old and widowed, sat down and reminisced for an hour about their past careers and old friends who they both remembered.

As Len, who’s from Sheffield, South Yorks., went to leave May asked him for a kiss but he was too shy to give her one – a decision he has lived to regret every day since.

He has since returned to the same bus stop spot every Wednesday hoping in vain to see May again and give him the chance to rekindle their relationship.

Len said: “It was lovely to see May again.

“As we said goodbye she asked me for a kiss but I felt too shy at the time. It’s something I regret.

“I’ve been back to the same spot every Wednesday afternoon since we met, but I haven’t found her.”

He added: “I’m widowed now, as May is, and I spend too much time in my own company.

“It was so lovely to bump into May and I would love to see her again.”

Len and May both worked for the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive in the ’70s and would see each other every morning when they went into the office.

Fittingly, they were both waiting for a bus when they were reunited in May last year.

After their chance encounter Len visited a number of local care homes trying to find May, however, due to data protection rules he hasn’t been able to track her down.

But Len’s appeal has now been given fresh impetus after he told a worker from Age UK Sheffield about his plight during a Christmas party in December.

The old person’s charity are publicising Len’s story in the hope someone will come forward to say they know where May is.

A spokesman said: “We explained that the only way we would be able to help would be simply to share his story and hope that other people share it too.

“Maybe if enough people see it, someone may know who May is and help put them back in touch with each other.”

They added: “Len was very emotional at the thought of finding her again and he said people would think he is daft for pursuing this but he is desperate to find her.

“Please help us spread the word and share this story with your friends and family in Sheffield or share this as a post on social media, the more people who see it, the more we have a chance of reuniting these two friends.”

If you think you might know May, and be able to help Len get in touch with her, please contact



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