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Do You Need Planning Permission For Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online platform where members can offer or arrange temporary residential places. If you have an extra room or house that is not occupied, you can rent It out for a period of fewer than 90 days. When travelling you can opt for a home experience rather than booking a hotel, Airbnb is the best platform to offer you alternatives.

Home sharing is viral in London. People share their homes for various reasons; a way to earn an extra income, to meet new people or friends and make use of unoccupied room. Depending on the reason you are offering your spare room, you have to adhere to specific regulations. You require Airbnb planning permission London for you to qualify as a landlord.

Airbnb planning permission is essential to ensure that the landlords strictly follow all rules. You should not offer your room or house for rent for more than 90 days. The website focuses on providing a home to the travellers. If you have not acquired Airbnb permission, then you are operating illegally, and you can be charged.

How to qualify for planning permission for Airbnb

1) Your house should have essential amenities

Essentials include soap, toilet paper, sheets, towel, and pillow. The room or house you want to list at Airbnb should have critical items. The landlord should be willing to provide these things. You can’t just rent out an empty room.

People who are using Airbnb services are guests or tourists and will be there temporary. Thus its impossible to carry things from their homes.

2) Should be a conducive environment for guests

Airbnb listing websites only accept houses or rooms that are presentable and appealing to their guests. Ensure the house you want to be considered for temporary renting is presentable and appealing to the potential tenants.

3) Should be temporary renting

The renting period applies for not more than nine months. If you wish to rent your house permanently, then this is not the right site for that. The online platform is only dedicated to offering temporary homes for those traveling for a vacation or job-related trips.

4) You as the landlord should be friendly

In most cases, you will have to share the house with guests, as the homeowner you need to be welcoming. Your history should be appealing and you should have an open character.

The Airbnb verifies your ID to make sure that a landlord is the right person.

Bottom Line

Airbnb is the most modern revolution for finding temporary homes. Hotels may be expensive especially when travelling with your whole family. Finding a home that is friendly with all essential at a reasonable price will be useful.

Airbnb charges landlords 3% commission the value of your house. Additionally, the guests incur 12% commission the cost of the house. It is a great platform to find genuine homeowners who are willing to share their homes with you or your family.

The homeowners are trustworthy as the platform allows the previous guest to leave their reviews on the site. The site also verifies their ID and links their website to their social media platforms.



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